ULA is a network of 12 Swedish-speaking and bilingual employment workshops in Finland which support individual job seekers in finding work, studies or other solutions. The workshops also help to combat marginalization in society and ensure the availability of a healthy future workforce.
The ULA Competence Center is a cooperation and training network that serves as a platform for the dissemination of information between the 12 workshops and their partners. The member workshops conduct extensive multidisciplinary collaboration with the labor authorities, training providers, private enterprises, and social and health services in their region.

The ULA Competence Center was originally developed as an ESF funded project 2008-2013, 

2014 - 2020 the ULA Competence Center is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture 

(ULA stands for  Youth / Learning / Work,  in Swedish)


Useful links:

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Contact information:

Rainer Lytz

Project Manager at the ULA - Competence Center

Phone +35850-313 6040

Email:  rainer.lytz (@) folkhalsan.fi